Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Warblers of Haiti

Warblers are known for both migrating and being difficult to identify.  We both spend our winters in Haiti, so I get to see many of these beautiful little birds.  There’s 3 pages of small yellow birds in the Haiti field guide.  But none of the illustrations show the most common view – the underside of the bird – as seen in these photos of a prairie warbler right outside my house in Caiman (central plateau).  The Warbler Guide (2013 Princeton Univ.) has solved that problem, with many views of the birds, comparison photos, and sonograms.  It’s also available in Kindle and as an app.  

Monday, February 1, 2016

House sparrows in Caiman

Yesterday (31 Jan. 2016) was the first time I noticed house sparrows Passer domesticus in Caiman in Haiti’s central plateau (8 miles east of Pignon).  Here are photos of their nest on the campus of UCCC.  One male and 2 females or perhaps immature males.  The Birds of the DR and Haiti book says their first recorded appearance on the island was in 1976 in the DR.

Male and the 2 females or immatures next to their nest.

Female or immature?

They are in a tree near this sign.