Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 Christmas Bird Count

Wilson's Plover.
We had a successful Christmas Bird Count yesterday around Les Cayes.  This 3rd annual event started with a talk Friday by the Haiti Audubon Society, lead by AUC graduate Anderson Jean.  Saturday four groups and about 18 participants saw  63 species in our 15 mile circle.  See the 2013 posting for results.

Anderson Jean and Sean Christensen organized this year's count.  (Photos by Debbie Baker and Sean Christensen). 
The Les Cayes bird count circle.

Seminar by the Haiti Audubon Society.
At mangroves east of Les Cayes.

Birding at 300m at Picot.

At sea level at Gelee Beach.

Counting the shore birds at Gelee Beach.